Friday, November 18, 2011

Met with the neurosurgeon today...

So I went in for my regularly scheduled OB appointment today and my doctors wanted to know if I'd met with neurosurgery yet.  I told them I hadn't and that I wasn't even scheduled to go in until December 7.  They agreed that Decemeber was too long to wait so they arranged for me to meet the neurosurgeon today.  Yay!

The consult went well.  He answered all of our questions and let us know that there are somethings we won't know until the baby is born (we already knew that).  However, he will be on vacation around the time of my due date, of course! So now we are looking at possibly scheduling an induction or transferring me to another hospital whenever I go into labor.  Now we wait.

Hopefully, I'll hear something before my appointment next week.  I just hate the waiting game!  But at least I know that my baby is doing well and he'll be here soon.

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