Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ultrasound tomorrow

So, I'm going to my ump-teenth ultrasound tomorrow.... I am both nervous and excited.  I LOVE that I get to see my little Augusten so much, but I always worry that they're going to give me more bad news. 

The plus side, is that my MFM (maternal and fetal medicine doc) is the one who does my ultrasounds.  The very first one was done in radiology by their techs and they had NO tact!  My MFM and his team definitely have waaaaaay more tact and always ease me into whatever news they have to share. 

The last US showed that Augusten was the right size and weight, no clubbed feet (yet), lesion and L4-ish and that his head was measuring a bit small (due to chiari malformation).  We'll see what they tell me tomorrow....  Wish me luck!

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