Thursday, October 20, 2011

They said I need a cane...

Well, I had my OB appointment today and it went fairly well.  Not only is Augusten growing as he should, but I am measuring correctly as well.  They also gave me a referral for a physical therapist (for myself) and a referral to a cardiologist (also for myself).

Apparently, I have SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction).  My hips, groin, lower back and legs are giving me trouble.  I am in constant pain.  The more I sit, stand, walk or all of the above, the more it hurts and becomes unbearable.  Sometimes, my legs completely give out on me.  Because of this, my doctor told me to get a cane and he set up an appointment for me to see a physical therapist next.  *fingers crossed*

Sometimes, I feel like I'm experiencing this pain and the need for a cane and PT so I'll be more prepared to raise a child with SB.  I know that this isn't the case.  I know that God doesn't punish people like that and I know that it's not my fault, but sometimes... I feel like I am being punished and that I need to "work through" the pain and not complain about it, because my little one will have a lot more to deal with.

Anyways.... I also have to meet with the cardiologist because I have tachycardia (irregular and fast heart rate) and my symptoms have been coming back.  And it's ESPECIALLY important for pregnant women to monitor their heart rates for baby's health.

Even though, I don't like having these issues, I REALLY like the fact that my team of doctors are working so hard to make sure I'm okay.   :)

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