Friday, October 7, 2011

The beginning-ish

I'm a little late in starting this blog, but I'm here! :)  During our 17 week ultrasound, my husband and I found out that our little "Jelly Bean" had two abnormalities (they couldn't see his cerebellum and they saw an odd spot on his lower spine).  We saw the specialist (maternal and fetal medicine doctor) a few days later.  He informed us that our Jelly Bean had Spina Bifida and that his cerebellum was banna shaped and sitting a little lower than usual.

After that initial visit, my emotions were in a whirlwind and I quickly began calling people and gathering resources via telephone and internet.  After the initial shock wore off, I began planning for my Jelly Bean's arrival and networking with other families.

I am now 28 weeks and 6 days along and am handling everything a bit better now.

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